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    Melvenpakkam Shree Lakshmi Narayana Perumaal Thaayaar

    There are still 1000s of temples across the length and breadth of this holy country, lying unnoticed or not in worshippable state. One such temple which remained unnoticed for decades is Melvenpakkam Sree Mahalakshmi Sametha Sree Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple. Due to large scale encroachments and massive exploitation in the lands of the temple, there was nobody to do any offering…but thanks to the Mahathmaas like sri.sri.Mahaaranyam Muralidhara Swamiji, Jyodhisha Chakravathi and Mahathma shri.A.M.Rajagoplan Swami and the humble villagers and the liberal donors from every part of Tamil Nadu, the temple was renovated in 2005 and Maha Samprokshan was performed in the same year. From then on, the stories of the benefits enjoyed by the devotees of this Perumaal Thaayaar are stupendous.

    Melvenpakkam Perumaal Thaayaar have been blessing this humanity for the past four Yugas. Thirupathi Perumaal and Melvenpakkam Perumaal are supposed to have originated in the same period.

    Perumal is a Swayam Thirumeni.

    The main deity is known as Sree Mahalakshmi Sametha sree Lakshmi Narayana Perumaal.

    Uthsavar Kalyana Govindaraja Perumaal.

    Maha Bhaktha Hanuman Swami is believed to have worshipped this Perumaal Thaayaar and got himself relieved from the Brahma haththi Dosha which was supposed to have afflicted him when he took the lives of those Asuras when he went in search of Seetha Devi Thaayaar in the Ashoka Vanam.

    A great sight to the devotees is the encircling of Aadhiseshan in the form of Vaijayanthi Maala around the neck of Perumaal.

    Due to the above two reasons, it is believed that any person afflicted with any dosha, as powerful as brahama haththi, will get fully relieved and enjoy a great life and Rahu, Kethu ar any other Sarpa Dosha will be fully gone from the lives of the affected.

    A very great blessing is that Perumaal and Thaayar are blessing the devotees in Aaiykkiya Bhaavam ( in unison). Worshipping this sort of a Swami, couples without proper understanding and love between them (lack of Dhaampathya Annyonyam), will be blessed with great love and understanding between them.

    Perumaal is fondly known as Pillaikkaaragan Swami, which means He and Thaayaar bestow the childless couples with children.

    Jyothisha Chakravarthi and Mahathma Shri.A.M.Rajagoplan Swami has identified this holy temple as the Parikaara Sthalam for Dhanusu and Mithuna Rasis.

    This temple is specially worshipped by the Childless couples, Yet to be married and couples without Dhaampathya Annyonyam.

    Childless couple need to have the darshan on Fridays, where Thirumanjanam for Swami (Abhishekam) will be performed around 7 am and Paal Paayaasam (milk paayaasam), after chanting the holy Lakshmi Narayana Hrudhayam in it, will be given as Prasad to the couples and with the blessings of the Lord Perumaal Thaayaar very soon they get blessed with a child.

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